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Fortune Favors The Bold

This quote, by the Latin poet, Virgil, is a philosophy I live by and an idea The Melissa Zee Group stands for.

Your fortune is your positive attitude, your belief in something greater, something grander, and taking the leap of faith to achieve it.

Buying a home — and selling — is quite an endeavor. You may get cold feet, and feel worried about taking a risk. Take the plunge. I’m here to back you up. I’m bold, I take risks, and I do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I believe doors open for a reason, and though it might seem scary because it’s a new door — it’s open — and I believe that can only mean it’s meant to be walked through.

So, when you take the risk, and go on this adventure with me to you selling your house — or especially searching for your dream home — we’ll be unstoppable.Though life presents the risks, fortune favors the bold.