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Every Piece Of The Puzzle

There are some parts of the real estate process that can’t go unnoticed, no matter how small they are…

I was working with a buyer who was purchasing land in Beverly Hills. We were about to close on the property and I noticed we still hadn’t received the 9A report. A 9A is the city’s report of confirmed property information. It’s a required ordinance by the city and must be sent to the buyer of the property before closing.

Once I realized we were about to close without it, I immediately contacted the escrow company letting them know the 9A report had not been sent. It’s against the law to not have this upon closing! The company would have been liable if something happened and there could have been damaging repercussions.

It’s another example of how I always make sure to pay very close attention to every detail involved in the purchase of a property.

Every little piece of the puzzle has to come together to create the finished picture. If one piece is missing — no matter how small — it’s still not complete.

With my attention to every detail, you’ll have a complete and beautiful picture!