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All In A Day’s Work

My proudest moments are when I accomplish something that should have been impossible…

My client was a furniture designer selling her condo in Franklin Towers.

When the property was in escrow, the title company ran a typical search on the funds as part of the process to make sure everything is good to go. To everyone’s surprise – the escrow company came back saying three liens adding up to a whopping six figures popped up on the property!

Roberta had closed her furniture business years prior and the judgements on the business had unexpectedly attached to her personally. If this deal didn’t go through, the buyer would be completely out of a place to live, and my client would have lost out on a sale and a lot of money.

All of this had to be taken care of in one day. The escrow company representative said if anyone can get it done, Melissa can. So, I got to work… I put my lawyer hat on and called each of the attorneys on the leans and negotiated the six figure amount down so much, that she got $15,000 at the close of escrow! The deal was done and everything was taken care of in a day. One day!

I’m very thorough in my work and I’m always looking out for my clients’ best interest. I wear many hats as a real estate agent, and Amazing-Negotiating-In-One-Day hat is one of them!